Video Tour of Royal Polaris

How to tie the San Diego jam knot.

Buffet aboard the royal polaris

How to tie the improved clinch knot.

How to tie spectra to monofilament.

How to connect mono to fluorocarbon.

How to tie the Springer knot.

Prepare panko-crusted wahoo with a tropical salsa.

How to cook peanut-ginger glazed fish.

Fishing the anchovy with the sliding sinker.

Rigging up for 16-22 day trips.

Captain Roy Rose: Preparing to fish for bait.

Captain Roy Rose: Fishing yellowtail and wahoo on the iron.

Captain Roy Rose: Preparing for 4-6 and 7-10 day trips.

Frank Lo Preste on how to get your bait into the bite zone.

Frank Lo Preste on casting.

Dharyl Shelbourne on how to make a wind-on leader.