200lbers abound


Hi RP Fans,

We had a fun day of fishing at the Bank highlighted by 5 fish that weighed over 200lbs.  Yours truly caught the first fish of the day that went all kamikaze in the dark and weighed in at 204.

DSC00068  Doc Gary landed a beautiful 202lber shortly thereafter.

DSC00093 Jonathon Hodes landed a 201lber on the kite in the morning as well.  DSC00084

We were in the midst of trolling for wahoo when we saw some nice fish crashing just off the Bank.  As soon as the first bait went out, our charter master extraordinaire (or ordinaire to some) hooked and landed the biggest fish of the trip so far at 215lbs.

Shower time.  Big fish of the trip so far
Shower time. Big fish of the trip so far

As soon as the second bait went out, Sue Beck found her Penn 80 almost down to a third of a spool.  As she has done so many times before, Sue wrestled in a 209lber for her efforts and gave us the .5 thumbs up (sorry, inside joke).  In any case, bites were difficult to get but the fish quality is excellent.DSC00131DSC00135

DSC00080A funny thing, sometimes the fish just don’t cooperate and you spend a lot of time fishing but not catching.  Today was one of those days.  Jonathon served dinner after the sun went down, not funny, except he was wearing a head to toe bright green spandex body suit (who knows).  Credit to Jonathon for being so strange!DSC07386

A Big Thank You!  I forgot to thank a bunch of people for their gifts to the charter.  Sue Beck Promotions for comfy blankets;  John Yamate for fancy lures and his killer pink wahoo bombs;  Marie Wong for delicious candy & treats;  Mike & Bill for UFC T-shirts;  Fisherman’s Processing for generous gift certificates;  and special thanks to Owner Hooks for the hats, t-shirts, hooks and sabikis.

Special Hello’s.  In honor of a fishing accomplishment (200lber or PB) or some other feat (like turning 60), the following are a few of our special hello’s.  Dave Edgar says hello to Claudia.  John Yamate gives a virtual hug to Cindy, Jeff & Jennifer.  Susan gives the thumbs up to Paul & Lucille.  Jonathon Hodes blows a kiss to Cynthia. Mike the Ghost writer sends his love to Marla, Makala & Kailea and TSCG.  DSC00150

Not another rainbow runner.
Not another rainbow runner.


Dharyl Shelbourne


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