Feature Trip: Thanksgiving Big Tuna 15-Day

Feature Trip: Thanksgiving Big Tuna 15-Day

     Most people call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day.” We think it can be “Tuna Day,” too. With one exception, the entire San Diego long range fleet returns to the dock one to two days before Thanksgiving, and stays in for one to two days after. The one exception is the Royal Polaris, which departs for a 15-day trip on November 17th. That means that Thanksgiving Day will likely be spent at either Hurricane Bank or Clarion Island. This is a huge advantage in that the Royal Polaris has  exclusive access to two of the finest areas in the world to fish for giant yellowfin tuna and wahoo.   We will be targeting yellowfin tuna in the 100 pound to 350 pound range.  Alijos Rocks will also be an option on the departure or return. Rather than showing up at these areas with the wahoo fished out, the Royal Polaris will get a fresh shot.

A “long” trip, as anglers refer to trips of 14 days or more, is a truly thrilling experience. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to land the largest grade of yellowfin tuna on the planet.  You’ll be using hefty tackle (which we are happy to set you up with at no rental cost, if you do not have all the gear yourself) and all the techniques that the Royal Polaris has honed over decades of fishing experience.

Not only do you have access to great fishing grounds, but you also have the opportunity to learn from the Royal Polaris’s exceptional crew, who are eager to pass on knowledge about the best tackle, the latest techniques, and other tricks of the trade.  You’ll also get to learn from other fishermen on the boat, many of whom have been fishing for years and bring expertise of their own that they are excited to pass on.  In the end, folks who make these trips often take the craft of fishing to a higher level.

Our chefs rise to the holiday occasion, as well. They serve three holiday meals that are out of this world, including a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.

If the trip fits your schedule, please call 619.226.8030 to make a reservation. If you have any questions, leave a message for Frank LoPreste to call you, and he will do so as promptly as possible.

Tony Lo Presti


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