Accurate Trip Headed South

Hey out there, this is Larry from St. Louis doing the reporting yet again! (Yeah! More poems!). We took off this morning around 8 am for the annual Accurate 18 day trip and are travelling smoothly with great, albeit slightly chilly weather headed somewhere South.

The crew was up even earlier than the passengers, and was kind enough to load the boat with bait before we ever got on, so we’re already a few hours ahead of the game. Jack, the man himself, is on board and as usual, came bearing much in the way of Accurate loaner gear. After the safety orientation, he began the hand outs with T-shirts for all. That was followed by Bob Ramirez who gave everyone a care package courtesy of Hi-Seas tackle containing  a few different items which we’ll all put to good use.

Then there was some finger tape passed out and yet another T-shirt from Koi and friends. So, we already have more stuff than we boarded with as if we all didn’t bring enough.  We had lunch, began the movie marathon and now you’re up to date. Hopefully there will be much to report on in the coming weeks, but not a darn thing more that I can think of for now. Enjoy the reports and of course, the…


When Adam and Eve fished bait

It was Eve that always did great

It’s no surprise  She’s nautically wise

After all, she was the first mate.



Dharyl Shelbourne


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