Alijos Puts Out


Hello everyone; 

Weather continues to be excellent.  We arrived to Alijos rocks at 06:30 hours, and started looking.  It took a while for us to find the Wahoo, but we did find a bunch that entertained us.  It didn’t last very long, so we went looking. 

DSC08538DSC08539DSC08594DSC08597We made a couple of drifts for Yellowtail and Grouper.  The Yellowtail were in the 25 to 35 pound range, and the Grouper were in the 15 to 40 pound range.  DSC08540DSC08545DSC08550DSC08554DSC08555

DSC08552DSC08553DSC08557DSC08564DSC08567After first call for lunch, we made the move out to Alijos bank.  The bank was slow, with only a handful of Yellowtail caught.  We headed back to the rocks, but we made a short stop on the Grouper grounds again.  We caught a few more Grouper and Yellowtail, before heading back to Alijos. DSC08587DSC08585DSC08582DSC08579DSC08575DSC08573DSC08570

We landed a few more Wahoo, before we departed.  We will be traveling for a day before we wet our lines again.  So wish us luck, and we will keep you updated on our daily events.  Team R/p.DSC08551

My Yellowtail is named JACKO!
My Yellowtail is named JACKO!

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe” 

Dharyl Shelbourne


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