Almost ready for action: Inside the Royal Polaris’s 2015 maintenance

Almost ready for action: Inside the Royal Polaris’s 2015 maintenance

We are deep into major upgrades on the Royal Polaris. Although expensive and exhausting, this is one of our favorite times of the year, because we get to put the feedback we receive from passengers during the year into action. A lot of the changes we’re making will create a more comfortable, enjoyable experience. And, as always, we’re taking the best possible care of a wonderful vessel to be sure she is at the top of her game. Here’s what you can expect coming out of this year’s maintenance:

Galley and staterooms:

  • Brand new air conditioning in the galley and the downstairs staterooms, including new compressors, evaporators, fans, and all new plumbing
  • New soda dispenser with six flavors of soda at no charge for passengers in the galley
  • Brand new charbroiler installed
  • USB ports above each galley table
  • New speakers that allow passengers to control the volume above each galley table
  • New LED lighting
  • New, brighter reading lights in each stateroom
  • New loudspeaker system
  • New neoprene stick back insulation throughout the galley
  • New decorative ceiling in the galley
  • Forward head has been completely gutted and retrofitted
  • Re-upholstered all galley seats


  • Fish wells have been completely stripped, removing all fiber glass and all foam. We have plumbed all lines in wells with new pipe and also replaced bait discharge lines.
  • Re-foamed the fish wells and re-glassing with 10 layers of fiberglass on the bottom of the well and 5 layers on the sides and roof of the well.
  • Finished Coast Guard bottom inspection and our extensive American Bureau of Skipping (ABS) inspection. With ABS, we have an annual inspection but every 5 years they require gauging of the entire bottom and sides of the boat. If the metal measures less than 80% of the original thickness, then we are required to replace the metal in that area. This year, we replaced the metal in our 8,000 gallon water tank. It is approximately an $80,000 job.
  • Re-varnished all rails
  • Bait pumps have been removed, re-built, and powder coated

We have 16 to 18 workers on the boat each day with Roy and Frank chasing parts. Every crew member is working hard and I am especially appreciative of Jim Hughes and Jonathan Yamate for taking the lead on many projects. We’re looking forward to sharing it all with you!


Frank Lo Preste


Tony Lo Presti


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