Choosing the right reel for 40-to-50 pound test

Choosing the right reel for 40-to-50 pound test

Fishermen often ask me about the right reel to fish 40 to 50 pound test with.  In this day and age, there’s plenty to choose from.  From the old yellowtail special to the new high-speed two-speed reel.  Although there’s plenty to choose from, just like any thing else, you want more bang for your buck. 

Price and durability is the main factor when it comes to getting a good reel.  With so many choices on the market, I’ll try to make it a little bit easier.  For the fisherman that’s been fishing for years you might go with a Penn Baja special.  The Baja special took the place of the fisherman’s workhorse—the Yellowtail special.  For a single speed reel, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.  With a 4.0-to-1.0 gear ratio, it has the power to grind and the high speed to crank iron for Wahoo or Yellowtail.   My other choices for the avid fisherman would be Accurate, Shimano, or Daiwa.  All these reels do a great job. 

With so many two-speeds on the market, you would have to do some research on the internet before making a decision whether to go with two speeds or not.  The low gear in most of the smaller two speeds are 3.75 to 2.0, with a few exceptions.  The high gear is any where from 4.25 to 6.0.  But the price range from a single speed to a two speed is a slight difference.   Some fisherman only buy “made in the USA.”  Me myself, I buy what fells good fishing for long periods, something I feel comfortable holding for hours at a time. 

I hope this helps you make your decision on your next reel purchase, so lets go fishing.

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