Father-Mother; Daughter-Son Trip June 17th – 24th

For the crew of the Royal Polaris this trip is one of their favorites. The interaction that goes on with crew members and the young ones is not only about fishing, but just as much about the peanut butter & jelly sandwich contest and the crew playing fun card games with the kids.

Dad’s & Mom’s get plenty of time to fish & relax as the kids hang out together. It’s not unusual at dinner to see 2 tables of kids only and the other tables with adults enjoying each other.

It quite often happens that this trip becomes an annual trip as it has for the Mulay family with Grandpa, Grandma, Son, Daughter-in-law, and Grandsons who have not missed a trip in many years.

This is a seven day trip and the kids get an intense course on how to become a better angler. It is an opportunity for the youngsters to perhaps catch the biggest Yellowtail or Bluefin Tuna of their entire life. Some years ago we had a family trip where every child caught a Yellowtail over #40 and Bluefin up to 75#.

It’s a great opportunity for families to spend time together and enjoy a great pastime – fishing.



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