Feature Trip: February 8th Accurate 18-day

February 8th Accurate 18-day – 2016

Charter Master Jack Nilsen


Jack Nilsen, Owner of Accurate Reels, along with his sons, is one of the finest Charter hosts you could possibly have on a trip of this type.  He brings approximately 35 rods and Accurate 2-speeds for customers to use throughout the trip.  T-shirts, hats and tackle gifts are also given to all aboard.  Daily prizes while fishing, such as lures and Accurate pliers are available each day of fishing.  Before the trip is over, Jack also gives away at least 2 Accurate reels.  To top it all off, Jack enjoys taking pictures just as much as he likes to fish and he will send you a copy of all photos if you wish.

Skipper on this trip will be Frank Lo Preste, and we will be fishing Alijo Rocks, Hurricane Bank and Clarion Island.  Our chefs will be Mark Pariano and Alex Martin, who will impress all aboard with amazing meals throughout the trip.  The crew, Jonathan, Big D, Eddie, Jim Hughes and Kyle are all excellent crew, who are extremely proficient at fishing big Yellowfin Tuna.
There are 3 spots open on this trip due to cancellations in the last 2 months.  This trip is generally tough to get on, so if you can fit into your schedule, you will be fishing with an group of anglers.

Tony Lo Presti


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