Finishing Up


Hello everyone; 

Well we are done, and all things a side, it was a good trip.  We had at least 50 fish over the 100 pound mark, some anglers got there personal best, while others just had a great time.  It’s not much I can say about this trip, so I will let the last day’s photos tell you the story. 

The weather is still very windy, and we are headed home.  It won’t be a nice ride up.  Until tomorrow, good luck and good fishing.  Team R/p.

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”DSC08898

Enjoy The Photos:IMG_7383 (640x350)IMG_7390 (356x640)IMG_7391 (411x640)IMG_7380 (640x514)IMG_7369 (511x640)IMG_7370 (640x389)IMG_7372 (375x640)IMG_7379 (640x377)DSC08901DSC08903DSC08906DSC08913DSC08925DSC08930DSC08924DSC08933DSC08939IMG_7364 (640x422)IMG_7366 (434x640)

Dharyl Shelbourne


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