Getting into the Action: My First Long-Range Trip on the Royal Polaris

Getting into the Action: My First Long-Range Trip on the Royal Polaris

By Caroline Mitchell

     I started fishing four years ago with my dad and brother who are avid fisherman. I’ll never forget
the day I caught my first Mackinaw trout in Donner Lake. From the moment I hooked that fish I
was the one who was hooked. Since then I’ve fished in the bay on day trips for Salmon, gone
crabbing, and my brother and I often go up to the Sierras to go on four day camping fishing
adventures. One of my good friends Dan, convinced me I had to join him on The Royal Polaris
for a long range trip to see “the real deal.” I agreed not knowing what I was getting myself into;
but excited nonetheless!
Before getting on the boat I was extremely nervous as to what I was getting myself into. I was
excited to fish but terrified I wouldn’t be able to reel in any fish, feared no one would take me
serious as a young lady on the boat, and was worried the men on the boat would all be obnoxious
and rude. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The LoPreste family and the Royal Polaris crew
gave me a warm welcome and made me feel completely comfortable. I battled with a little
queazy moments here and there but it was definitely worth it and I was able to power through. !
The crew was tremendously helpful, patient, and attentive to me. They never once made me feel
like I was bothering them and graciously offered me encouragement and gave me tips along the
way. Captain Franks’ wife Kathy, also showed me the ropes and congratulated me on getting on
to the boat. She’s truly an inspiration for young women anglers and I feel so fortunate to have
met her! Its clearly a male dominated sport but that doesn’t mean it should stop girls from getting
on the boat. Especially this boat.
This five day trip was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go on another trip. Id like to
encourage any ladies who may be reading this who feel hesitant or contemplative about a long
range trip to just—get on the boat! There might be the occasional grouchy angler to deal with,
but hey thats life. Kill them with kindness or just tell them to shove it. The food is phenomenal,
the bathrooms are clean with showers, the rooms are comfortable and you will learn so much.
Thanks so much to the LoPreste Family and the Royal Polaris crew for making my trip so epic!
My Dad’s thrilled I came home with 218lbs of fish. I look forward to the next trip and am
planning to bring my friend Noelle. When you’re on the Royal Polaris you’re at the center of the
world, and all your worries seem to melt away! : )

Tony Lo Presti


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