Harold Who?

Hello everyone; 

Harold Who?  We departed on the Harold Davis 8 day adventure.  With 27 happy anglers and a great load of bait.  We departed Fisherman’s landing a t 10:20 hours, as we head south.  Harold brought lots of prizes, that will be giving away during the trip, so stay tuned to what’s next. 

What’s special about this trip is that Frank will be at the helm this trip, and we all look forward to a great trip.  We had an excellent lunch today, as our new chef turned out a wonderful Gyro salad. 

We should start fishing tomorrow afternoon, so wish us luck and we will have a updated report for you.  So until then, good luck and good fishing. 

Team R/p (Frank, Dharyl, Roy, Jonathan, Eddie, Greg, Mark, and Corey.

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe” 

Dharyl Shelbourne


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