Kite Fishing on the Royal Polaris

It’s been an epic summer. Now, as we start into big-fish season, it’s time to talk kite fishing. Since kite fishing was brought to the Royal Polaris over 20 years ago, things have changed. What gear do you need to succeed? First, let’s talk about leaders. There is no need for fluorocarbon on the kite. Remember, your bait is the only thing on the surface, so the fish you won’t need to hide your line. For the same reason, we recommend at least 200-pound test on your kite leader. Just like any thing in the world today, you have choices: Izorline, Jenki, Maxima, Piline, Blackwater, Soft Steel, Mamo, Yozori. These are just some of the options our passengers use. My recommendation, taking into account price and durability, is Izorline.
You will need a number of leaders, starting with the “double trouble.” The double trouble is made up of two 6/0 or 7/0 super mutu ringed hooks. The length of each leg of the leader should be at least 36-to-50 inches long. Don’t make the legs to long. Otherwise, we can’t gaff the fish once it comes to color. If it’s too short, though, you won’t fish be able to maneuver your bait correctly on the surface when you’re waiting for a bite. The next must-have leader is a flying fish leader. The flying fish leader is made up of a 20/0 Mustad circle hook. The length of this leader should not be longer than 72 inches and no shorter than 50 inches. These leaders, like all leaders, must be crimped. The last leader you will need in your tackle box is the squid leader. The squid leader is almost the same as the double trouble, but the hooks and legs are different. The hooks you will be using are a 16/0 circle Mustad hook and a 9/0 7691 Mustad hook. The length of the legs are also different. The short leg, connected to the 9/0 Mustad, should be about 48 inches long. The long leg, connected to the 16/0 hook, should be 60 inches from the swivel (distance between the two hooks should be about 12 inches). Note that this leader is for the standard-size squid. If you happen to catch a jumbo squid, then the hook size will increase to a 20/0 circle hook and a 10/0 7691 Mustad hooks.
Now that you have your leaders, what size reel and rod should you be ready to use with the kite. First of all, you will need a 50-wide size reel. We have seen a lot of anglers succeed with reels like the Shimano Talica 50, Accurate ATD 50 wide, Penn International 50 wide, Okumia Makiuria 50 wide, and the Avet 50 wide. These reels are two speed and should be filled with 130 pound test spectra.
The rod should be a heavy duty rod, here’s a few recommendation: Cal-Star 770 XXH, 6465 XXH, 770 XH; Seeker 2X4 (recommend by Eddie), the Black Max Rail Rod XXH.
Put the combination together and let’s go catch a cow (for those of you who haven’t joined us yet: that’s a very large Yellowfin Tuna!).

Blog by Dharyl “Big D” Shelbourne

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