Lock-Jaw Yellowtail


Hello everyone; 

Our morning started out with my favorite breakfast, bacon fried rice, but I missed out due to waking up just a bit late.  Our weather continues to be excellent, with clear skies, flat seas, sunny, and a bit warm.  As far as fishing goes, it was a tough day, fishing Yellowtail. DSC07936aDSC07929aDSC07930a

DSC07933aDSC07941aThe reports from the boats yesterday, was very good yellowtail.   It was different today, with numbers down.  Most of the Yellowtail were in the 15 to 22 pound range.  We put a few down, but not the numbers we were expecting.  We also caught some Calico Bass and Whitefish, with most of the Calico being released back to the ocean.  DSC07931aDSC07936aDSC07934aDSC07938aDSC07940a

We made a move, and tried our luck at making bait.  We did manage to make half a tank, before the sun went down.  It’s first call for dinner, and I’m headed to the galley for some delicious scallop’s.  We will give this place another try until noon, then we will be heading north. 

So until tomorrow, wish us luck.  Team R/pDSC07937a

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe” 

Dharyl Shelbourne


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