Ready To Rumble


Hello everyone; 

Today was our first day of tackle prep.  After breakfast, Jonathan had a short seminar on Yellowtail fishing and school size Yellowfin.  After the seminar, the crew went to work getting everyone ready for battle. 

We made a short stop and caught a handful of Yellowtail, with Kaylee Smith getting the first and her first Yellowtail on the boat. 

Kaylee Smith's first Yellowtail
Kaylee Smith’s first Yellowtail

Needless to say, she’s starting out with the, “Polaris Personal Best Shower”.  The Yellowtail were in the 14 to 20 pound range. 

The Polaris Shower
The Polaris Shower
Kevin is on the board
Kevin is on the board

We are moving south, as we will be to our next destination in the early morning hours.  So with that note, wish us luck.  Team R/p (Jonathan, Dharyl, Eddie, Doug, Greg, Chris, Joe, and Joe)  Team J&J in the galley this trip. 

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”


Dharyl Shelbourne


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