The right rods for tuna

The right rods for tuna—Don’t try to be Hercules

When people decide to buy a stand-up tuna rod for long range fishing, they often begin by asking whether they should buy X, XX, or even XXX.  STOP!!!!  Before you go out and spend 400 to 500 dollars on a custom rod, you need to think about what will be right for you.  You need to talk to fishermen about what feels good.  Don’t try to be Hercules or the man of steel. 

Let’s talk about one rod for example: the 770 Cal-Star.  The 770 is a great stand-up rod, but when you start adding X’s to the rod, things begin to change.  Most 770 H’s or 770XH’s are good enough for 85% of the west coast fishermen.  Yes, there’s a few that can fish a XX or even a XXX.  But, there comes a point when you have to lift the rod or even pull.  For many people, when fishing the larger rods (XX, XXX), you need to pull or lift and it just doesn’t happen.  It’s just to much rod for the everyday fisherperson.  But, the H and XH are different.  When you lift, there is some give in the rod, but it doesn’t bottom out on you.  With the heavier rods, it’s so hard to lift or pull, you end up paying the price with your back.  And, you also pay the price with your pocketbook. 

The bottom line: When you decide to buy a custom rod, go to a tackle store that will spend some time with you and find the right rod for you, not their own cash register.

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