ROWDY RAILS8 (11/27/17)


The Rowdy Boys made the day with Variety! Yellowtail, Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, and Grouper were captured! Our weather is windy and bumpy. Travel tomorrow! Adios

IMG_7891 (494x640) IMG_7894 (450x640) IMG_7898 (640x426) IMG_7900 (640x381) IMG_7902 (332x640) IMG_7904 (382x640) IMG_7905 (640x515) IMG_7908 (403x640) IMG_7921 (381x640) IMG_7923 (640x462) IMG_7924 (521x640) IMG_7927 (527x640) IMG_7933 (455x640) IMG_7935 (640x473) IMG_7937 (587x640) IMG_7939 (416x640) IMG_7942 (458x640) IMG_7943 (440x640) IMG_7945 (515x640)IMG_7947 (603x640)


Dharyl Shelbourne


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