Southward Bound


Hello everyone;

Everything is great and all are well on this the second day of travelling. We’re still waiting for the big warm up weather wise and although the sun is shining bright, sweat shirts are the order of the day for now.  Another few hundred miles and no doubt things will be different.  Seas are choppy, but we are headed in the right direction for them and not bothered at all.

We had a wahoo seminar after breakfast so we’re now all experts at catching at least one fish species. Now we’ve just got to find where they’re hanging out. Jack handed out the Accurate gear and briefed us on the fine print of the rules regarding his daily give aways of which there are many, not the least of which are a few new Accurate reels.  As always, the galley tables are now and will continue throughout the trip to be crowded with crew and passengers making leaders, wiring jigs, etc.

Galley tables have also been filled so far with lots of great food, and that also will be a recurring theme of the trip. There are more than the usual number of new faces and names to learn, but the core of the trip are returning regulars such as myself who show up every year looking just a little bit older, but none the worse for wear for the most part.  Probably a good time for a shout out to a few of the regulars who would have liked to have been here but couldn’t make it for various reasons some more serious than others.

We will miss you all and hopes and prayers go out to those we are thinking about. That’s it for now, you’re up to date.



The anemone screamed “That’s the end!

I can’t stand her and won’t pretend!”

When I heard they were through

My respect for her grew

The enemy of the anemone’s my friend.

Dharyl Shelbourne


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