Tackle Prep #1

Hello everyone; 

Today was our first day of tackle prep.  Most of the day was spent getting kite leaders, wind-on leaders, wire leaders, you name it, it was, day of leader making.  It was a very busy day for the crew, since we have first time anglers on the trip. 

Along with getting anglers ready to fish, there was also time to teach.   We showed a few anglers how to make there own wind-on leaders, while other’s were showed how to splice spectra together, and how to make kite leaders. 

We will give Alijos rocks a try in the morning, and may be stop for some bait (bigger baits) for the kite.  Not much else going on, but there is also a big Poker game going on, so until tomorrow, wish us luck.  Team R/p

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”

Dharyl Shelbourne


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