Steady As She Goes


Hello Everyone; 

Steady as she goes, was the word on deck today.  It was a steady bite on quality Yellowfin tuna.  We did have some heartbreaks, as tackle failure continues to hinder our count.  Most of the fish were in the 100 to 130 pound range, with a few larger one’s. IMG_7325 (465x640)IMG_7328 (364x640)DSC08815

DSC08836DSC08839DSC08841DSC08846IMG_7303Largest fish today was caught by Alan Kato, with a 150.4 pound Yellowfin tuna.  We added another bunch of Yellowtail to go with it.  With only a handful of passengers without a Yellowfin, we will start putting them on the kite, and hope for the better.  IMG_7322 (640x397)DSC08843

IMG_7313 (399x640)IMG_7316 (296x640)IMG_7330 (431x640)The Yellowtail were n the 18 to 30 pound range.  IMG_7319 (445x640)

DSC08823IMG_7307 (439x640)IMG_7308 (479x640)Weather continues to be windy, with 18 to 25 knots of breeze.  Most of the day was sunny, so we had that going for us on the weather.

 Will try to make a tank of bait tonight, so wish us luck.  Team R/p. 

IMG_7321 (640x418)“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”


Dharyl Shelbourne


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