The Party Is Over



Hello everyone; 

To day was our last day of fishing, as we head for home.  The party is over, but we had an excellent day of fishing on Yellowfin and Yellowtail.  Most of the Yellowfin were in the 100 to 140 range, with a few larger one’s lost at color.  The grade of the Yellowtail was excellent, with most of the fish in the 25 to 45 pound range.  DSC08663DSC08658DSC08659DSC08660DSC08662DSC08666DSC08670

We had dinner on the anchor, and we are now headed for home.  The weather today was beautiful, with flat seas, clear skies, and sunny.  Perfect for shorts and tee-shirts. 

We had plenty of personal best this trip, with the group from Alaska, getting there personal best Yellowfin tuna (all over the 100 pound mark).  We had some that had never caught a Wahoo, but this trip everyone landed at least one Wahoo.  DSC08691DSC08690

The Yellowtail fishing was just excellent, with three grades of fish, caught at  different spots.  It was a good starter trip for our first timers, as for our veterans.  DSC08685DSC08688

We will arrive to San Diego on the 13th of October, do a quick turn around, and be back at it again. 

So until fingers and key board meet again, good luck and good fishing.  Team R/p.DSC08683

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe” 

Dharyl Shelbourne


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