Today Was A Good Day

And we didn’t even have to use our AKs.


Hello everyone;DSC02007

We are winding down on what has been a very eventful week of fishing. Still traveling north, we spent the day fishing for calico bass, and caught a few halibut along the way.

DSC02012DSC02013 The afternoon was full of “wind it up, guys, we gotta re-anchor here,” “there’s another biter,” “yeeeeeah boi,” and other words that I cannot type, all spoken by none other than the loudest captain on the West Coast. We eventually had to shut off the coffee machine and hide the candy, in order to keep our ear drums intact until Friday, when John will be reunited with Donata after 7 days of being held captive on the Royal Polaris.DSC02010DSC02015

John’s captors have been administering nothing but great food and biting fish, but he has remained strong for you, Donata, and he is alive and well. He sends his love, and says the ransom payment we are asking will be enough to cover another long-range trip next year. How valiant of John to be willing to undergo such captivity two years in a row!DSC02011DSC02016DSC02017

The weather is still beautiful; it has been a bit cooler than earlier this week, but the drop in temperature is much appreciated.

Until tomorrow,DSC02009

The RP crew.




Dharyl Shelbourne


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