Wahoo, Yellowfin, & Dorado Bite


Hello everyone; 

If you could draw up a good day of fishing, you would come up with our day.  We had a good day of fishing on Yellowfin, Wahoo, and Dorado.  Now this is what the doctor ordered. DSC08482DSC08475DSC08467DSC08465

The Wahoo were in the 30 to 50 pound range, the Yellowfin were in the 18 to 30 pound range, and the Dorado were in the 12 to 20 pound range.  We also had a few personal best Wahoo and Dorado today.  IMG_5752IMG_5760DSC08488DSC08483

DSC08504DSC08507DSC08512DSC08513Team Alaska (Hunter, Hunter, and Kaylee) has caught there personal best on the Wahoo, Yellowfin and Dorado.  We also had a few more  personal best Wahoo today.  We departed the area around 15:00 hours, and we are headed out west. DSC08501DSC08503

Steve & Steve
Steve & Steve
Hunter first Wahoo
Hunter’s first Wahoo

DSC08516DSC08517DSC08520DSC08524DSC08525DSC08526IMG_5750ETA to our next destination will be in the early morning hours.  Everyone’s have a great time, so until tomorrow, wish us luck.  Team R/pDSC08518

“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”

Dharyl Shelbourne


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