Yellowtail Bust Open


Hello everyone; 

First I would like to send a prayer out to everyone that’s lost something or someone in the fires in California.  Now back to fishing.  We had an excellent day of Yellowtail fishing.  Most of the fish were in the 25 to 40 pound range.  Not very many under 25 pounds.  It was a good steady bite until 10:30 hours, then we went looking for tuna (Yellowfin).  DSC08599DSC08609DSC08604

DSC08610DSC08608DSC08624DSC08627DSC08631DSC08632DSC08633DSC08635DSC08640Tuna fishing was a bit tough today, with only a few hook-ups, and less than that landed.  Some of our anglers went in under gun, but learned a quick lesson, don’t go down in line size to get a bite.  The Yellowfin landed today were in the 110 to 120 pound range. Jon (chartermaster for Shimano) gave away two reels, one for the first Yellowfin over 100 pounds, and the second one for the first Yellowtail over40 pounds. DSC08645DSC08637DSC08639


The two individual that won the reels, both names are Hunter, a common name in Alaska.  Once dinner was over, we made a quick tank of bait, and we all look forward to tomorrow.  IMG_5984 (472x640)IMG_5966 (640x516)IMG_5964IMG_5963 (504x640)

IMG_5960 (387x640)IMG_5958 (640x588)DSC08634So wish us luck, team R/p

P.S.  Mike would like to wish his lovely wife Patti a very happy 42nd Anniversary.  I love you and will see you soon.

IMG_5961 (359x640)“BeNt RoDs 4 LiFe”

Dharyl Shelbourne


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