Dharyl Sherbourne

Crew Member / Tackle Master

Dharyl “Big D” Shelbourne is a tackle master aboard the Royal Polaris, where he has worked since 1992.  Dharyl served three tours with the Army in Germany, where he was a personnel manager.  He began fishing at the age of five, and worked on his first boat, the Salmon Queen III, in the 1970s.  He began fishing long range in the early 1980s.  He is licensed as a captain.

Dharyl has been married for 28 years and has five children (Aneshia, Danielle, Deanna, Jeremy, and DJ) and eight grandchildren (Brianna, Sidney, Anjinee, Justing, Meme, Sabria, Elijan, and Isaiah).  Dharyl is an avid sports fan, and follows baseball, basketball, and football.  He attended Merrit and Maryland.  He lives in Arizona.

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