Frank Lo Preste

Captain / Owner

Frank Lo Preste is a captain and owner of the Royal Polaris.  Born in 1943, he began working as a deckhand at the age of eight years old, earning three dollars per day.  He worked as a deckhand on the Clemente, San Mateo, Frontier and Sea Raider.  He earned his captain’s license at the age of 21, and ran his first vessel in 1965.  In all, he has run ten vessels, including the Sport (1965-66), Sea Horse (1967), Fury (1967), Patrician (1968-70), Webfoot (1971), Prowler (1971), Searcher 1 (1971-74), Nova (1975-76), Cape Polaris (1974-77), and Royal Polaris (1978-present).

Frank is the proud father of three children, Danielle, Gina, and Tony, and grandfather to five wonderful grandchildren.  He is married to Kathy Rounds LoPreste.  He enjoys fishing and relaxing with his wife and kids.  He has a degree from St. Mary’s College, where he graduated in 1965.

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